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Duke Nukem is a video game series named for its protagonist Duke Nukem. Created originally by the company Apogee Software Ltd. as a series of video games for IBM-compatible personal computers, the series … Wikipedia

Nukem 01 File size 104kb I’m going to kill you old style

Nukem 02 File size 111kb I’m an equal opportunity ass kicker

Nukem 03 File size 114kb Well look at that, you can see my…

Nukem 04 File size 127kb You’re an inspiration for birth control

Nukem 05 File size 114kb I ought to brake a broom handle off in…

Nukem 06 File size 88kb Damn, you’re ugly

Nukem 07 File size 80kb You’re going to die for that

Nukem 08 File size 82kb Rest in pieces

Nukem 09 File size 106kb I’m going to kick your ass bitch

Nukem 10 File size 100kb Don’t get your panties all in a bunch

Nukem 11 File size 76kb Who wants some

Nukem 12 File size 67kb Come get some

Nukem 13 File size 68kb Damn that was annoying

Nukem 14 File size 69kb Quit wasting my time

Nukem 15 File size 126kb Em, don’t have time to play with myself

Nukem 16 File size 72kb Blow it out your ass

Nukem 17 File size 67kb Damn I’m good

Nukem 18 File size 202kb It’s time to kick ass and chew bublegum and I’m all out of…

Nukem 19 File size 67kb You guys suck

Nukem 20 File size 157kb It’s my way or, hell, it’s my way

Nukem 21 File size 129kb Your face, your ass, what’s the difference

Nukem 22 File size 95kb My gun’s bigger than yours

Nukem 23 File size 98kb Say hello to my little friend

Nukem 24 File size 83kb Get that crap outta here

Nukem 25 File size 56kb Game over

Nukem 26 File size 100kb Ooh, that;s gotta hurt

Nukem 27 File size 54kb Holy cow

Nukem 28 File size 70kb Let God sort em out