Free Michael Jackson wav sound files to download. Free Jackson wav sounds

Jackson 01 File size 8kb Music sound clip

Jackson 02 File size 11kb And it stunk so bad

Jackson 03 File size 14kb It’s people with the dirty mind that think like that

Jackson 04 File size 16kb Brooke Shields, Diana Ross, Mandy Louis and…

Jackson 05 File size 11kb Does it smell good enough for you in there

Jackson 06 File size 15kb There was feces all over the walls

Jackson 07 File size 11kb He he he

Jackson 08 File size 13kb One time I asked to use the rest room

Jackson 09 File size 18kb I can’t believe you never heard of me, I’m a very…

Jackson 10 File size 11kb I see the face of God

Jackson 11 File size 13kb I’m a vegetarian and I don’t drink

Jackson 12 File size 9kb The mental institution

Jackson 13 File size 11kb It’s very swollen

Jackson 14 File size 9kb It’s not a good idea

Jackson 15 File size 4kb Jack the Ripper

Jackson 16 File size 8kb Michael Jackson

Jackson 17 File size 8kb Michael Jackson

Jackson 18 File size 11kb My mind doesn’t run that way

Jackson 19 File size 7kb Strange Michael sound

Jackson 20 File size 8kb So long

Jackson 21 File size 9kb Talk like this

Jackson 22 File size 6kb Totally false

Jackson 23 File size 12kb Well what’s wrong with sharing your bed

Jackson 24 File size 12kb When I was your age I had 6 gold records

Jackson 25 File size 3kb Why not

Jackson 26 File size 6kb Hello

Jackson 27 File size 10kb How do you like the smell, is it good

Jackson 28 File size 8kb Handcuffs

Jackson 29 File size 8kb Well how about this

Jackson 30 File size 10kb Why, have you heard of MTV

Jackson 31 File size 7kb No

Jackson 32 File size 8kb I hmmm

Jackson 33 File size 6kb Yes

Jackson 34 File size 9kb That I’m not

Jackson 35 File size 8kb That is someone else

Jackson 36 File size 10kb I can’t sleep at night

Jackson 37 File size 9kb I slept on the floor

Jackson 38 File size 10kb Good, that’s good

Jackson 39 File size 7kb I’m sorry

Jackson 40 File size 10kb But I have slept with many children