Here you can find a great collection of wav sounds from one of the best loved cartoon characters, Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

Sr. Peter Löwenbräu Griffin, born Justin Peter Griffin according to his birth records, the protagonist of the show and title character. A man of Irish descent currently residing in Quahog, Rhode Island with his wife Lois Griffin.

Griffin 01 File size 43kb Hello

Griffin 02 File size 14kb Hello

Griffin 03 File size 110kb Ahh what, what’s going on

Griffin 04 File size 34kb Hey guys

Griffin 05 File size 42kb How’s everybody doing

Griffin 06 File size 19kb What’s up

Griffin 07 File size 249kb Yeah yeah, you like that don’t you…

Griffin 08 File size 28kb Okay good

Griffin 09 File size 70kb Okay you bastard, you want to play rough

Griffin 10 File size 47kb Does that mean I don’t got to pay

Griffin 11 File size 69kb Ah no

Griffin 12 File size 22kb No

Griffin 13 File size 60kb No it’s not ringing a bell

Griffin 14 File size 29kb You got it

Griffin 15 File size 74kb No way, it’s too dangerous

Griffin 16 File size 38kb Perhaps

Griffin 17 File size 48kb Err okay

Griffin 18 File size 46kb Ah sweet

Griffin 19 File size 37kb Wait a minute

Griffin 20 File size 214kb That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard…

Griffin 21 File size 139kb Ha ha ha ha, you could not be more wrong

Griffin 22 File size 34kb Sure you are

Griffin 23 File size 46kb Cool cool

Griffin 24 File size 70kb Ah I get it

Griffin 25 File size 34kb Alright

Griffin 26 File size 112kb Oh that’s right, how inappropriate of me

Griffin 27 File size 267kb Everything I say is a lie, except that and that…

Griffin 28 File size 73kb Well I guess I should be going

Griffin 29 File size 194kb What, you’re leaving, I thought you…

Griffin 30 File size 47kb Goodnight morons